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Auction | Event Technology and Accessories (53329)


Various items will be auctioned off (e.g. various event technology such as sound system, outdoor spotlights, stage roof extension) and more.

If you have any questions about this auction, please don´t hesitate to contact our support-team: support@dechow.de


Start veiling dinsdag 27 maart 2018 om 10:00 uur
Sluiting vanaf dinsdag 17 april 2018 om 14:11 uur
Kijkdag(en) Kijkdag 1
vrijdag 06 april 2018 van 10:00 uur tot 13:00 uur
(Plan route)

Kijkdag 2
maandag 16 april 2018 van 10:00 uur tot 15:00 uur
(Plan route)

Ophaaldag(en) Locatie : Lauenburger Straße 38 , 21493 Schwarzenbek, Duitsland (Plan route)

woensdag 25 april 2018 van 12:00 uur tot 16:00 uur

maandag 30 april 2018 van 12:00 uur tot 16:00 uur


We strongly advice you to inspect the lots and their condition before the placement of any online bids.

We explicitly point out that the local conditions at the auctions are always different and the buyer himself shall ensure to check the pick-up site conditions. Dechow AUCTIONS assumes no cost for pick-up expense of the buyer.

The purchase price is due immediately as the bid was accepted and the invoice issued. The payment has to be done via wire transfer. Due to the increased security and administration costs, DECHOW does not accept cash. Please note also, that invoice corrections will be billed with 20,- EUR net.

EU customers are only exempted from the German VAT if the presented to us an official proof of their tax identification number, a verification of identity (passport / identity card) in copy, as well as the properly completed and submitted German sales-tax-exemption.

The timely collection of the purchased item to the specified pick-up times is a contractual principal obligation of the buyer. The collection is possible only after complete payment of the total price. All costs incurred due to a lack of timely collection of the purchased items shall be borne by the buyer.

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